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27 avril 2015

DeWitt Mathematical on Monochrome Watches

You know us, here at Monochrome-Watches. We can’t help ourselves to have appeal for non-classical horology. It especially true when it comes to unusual displays, meaning watches that tells times not with 2 or 3 classical hands but with… well, anything that are not hands. Liquids, discs, satellites… we love all ‘other displays‘. For this reason, we had a strong interest in a brand we don’t usually cover and for a special watch, the DeWitt Academia Mathematical a.k.a Concept Watch No. 4.

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24 avril 2015

Academia Mathematical in EMBARK newsletter

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17 avril 2015

Princesse Marie-Clotilde on the watch blog "The eye of Jewelry"

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09 avril 2015

Cote Magazine April 2015 - "Extraordinary timepieces for exceptional women"

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07 avril 2015

DeWitt Academia Out of Time by Watch Agora

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23 mars 2015

Worldtempus - Two new original and playful watchmaking complications

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22 mars 2015

DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon watch by Ariel Adams

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20 mars 2015

Wrist Watch Magazine US #12 - March 2015

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