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06 juin 2016

DeWitt Mathematical is the laureate watch in the category « Design » at the WatchFair Luxembourg 2016.

Academia Mathematical, AC.MAT.001
Academia Mathematical, AC.MAT.001

The DeWitt Academia Mathematical is the laureate watch in the category « Design » at the WatchFair Luxembourg 2016.

The Ceremony was held on Friday 3rd of June at the Domaine Thermal de Mondorf. 

From 3 to 5 June, the WatchFair highlighted exceptional timepieces.

Besides the exhibition, Watch Fair Luxembourg was aiming at rewarding the creativity and the know-how of Haute Horlogerie; a prestigious jury of watch lovers and connoisseurs nominated the best watches in each category on June 3rd.

The DeWitt manufacture presented its 4th concept watch, the Academia Mathematical watch in the category "Design".

This creation is a world premiere : a mechanical watch with no hands.

Entirely designed and hand-assembled within the Manufacture by our own master watchmakers, it is the fruit of months of research and development.

DeWitt's mystery watch concept bears witness to the passionate interest in mathematics shown by its founder, Jérôme de Witt. Far removed from the conventions of traditional watchmaking, the numerals indicating the hours and minutes give the impression that they have been scattered, thrown into chaos so that in the end they can give the precise time.
There are no hands, but rather totally autonomous jumping numerals that come to life by lighting up in the centre of the watch to indicate the passage of time.
It is thus that a grand watch complication, with its complex mechanisms and painstaking precision, places itself at the service of poetry.
Comprising 384 pieces, the Mathematical movement is based on the new DeWitt Manufacture automatic calibre, most of the components of which have been produced in-house, and all of which have been hand-assembled by our master watchmakers.

Fitted with a 42.5 mm round case in 18-carat rose gold, the Academia Mathematical watch is adorned, like all DeWitt watch creations, with the brand's emblematic imperial columns. 

Its aesthetic design and mechanical structure reflect DeWitt's uniquely inventive approach to watchmaking, culminating in a myriad of fascinating calculations that drive relentlessly towards the nature of universal beauty.

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